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With the advent of DSLR cameras progressively gaining popularity and ultimately dominating the dental field during the last decade, cross-polarization technology from the past has eluded the digital generation of dental photographers, despite its significant value.

Reflective cross polarized light photography mitigates unwanted specular reflections which obscure the fine details of dental structures, whilst providing a high contrast / hyper-saturated dental image to be objectively analyzed. 

The polar_eyes filter magnetically attaches in front of your macro flash providing these benefits, with simple ergonomics

Indications include:

  • Elimination of Specular Reflections and Halation for unobstructed viewing
  • Decalcification assessment surrounding orthodontic brackets as a diagnostic aid
  • Enamel Subsurface Mapping of characteristics and nuances
  • Chromaticity assessment for restorative shade selection with comparative conventional or custom shade tabs
  • Verification of integration of the interim/final restorative prosthesis
  • Pre and Post Bleaching Evaluation
  • Translational application in oral medicine and oral pathology for mucosal assessments, diagnostics and guided surgical excision
  • Medico-Legal Abuse Assessment
  • Forensic Applications