Changing shade management in dentistry forever with eLAB!

What is eLAB?

The eLAB system is a new, innovative approach to achieve consistent and reliable shade matching in the every day without the use of shade guides, avoiding costly re-do's and frustrations. This unique approach is fast becoming the new standard for shade management in restorative dentistry for its ease of use and objectivity. Its universal nature also offers applications in purely clinical areas as well, such as for the selection of direct composites or for monitoring and documenting tooth bleaching. 

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What is eLAB_prime?

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The eLAB Shade-Matching Kit is comprised of the eLAB_pilot App for measuring tooth shades and for generating ceramic mixing recipes as well as the eLAB_copilot high precision instruments for mixing ceramic with stains. 

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Become even more awesome with one of our hands-on courses

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Come and join us in one of our eLAB course around the world and learn from an experienced, certified eLAB_instructors how this amazing shade taking protocol can be to put into action in your daily work. 

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