NEW eLAB ceramic fluid

NEW eLAB ceramic fluid

Emulation S.Hein
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While other build-up liquids are full of additives, this stuff is not. Meet the new eLAB ceramic fluid which uses nanoparticle technology for great handling and stable colors.

Conventional build-up liquids contain besides plain water, numerous chemical additives including long-chained alcohol groups (diols) and other thickening agents like Hydroxyethyl cellulose to increase viscosity.

Over time, severe temperature variations during storage can cause demixing of these chemical compounds. This can not only affect the physical properties and hence the handling but more importantly, it can lead to increased porosities and greying of the fired ceramic (carbon damage).   

The new eLAB ceramic fluid utilises nano technology instead, delivering stable color results and great handling for all your eLAB restorations.

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