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visual_eyes_tray is made of non crystalline fused silica. It's highly cross linked three dimensional structure gives rise to its high use temperature and low thermal expansion coefficient making it the ideal tool to remove the organic food pigments from the standard dentins and enamels of any ceramic system. After the food color has been removed, the ceramic powder can be mixed with the visual_eyes liquid to reveal the ceramics color before firing. This procedure is only necessary for the use of standard dentins (i.e. A1 - D4) or standard enamels (i.e. E57 - E 60). All other ceramic powders are usually free of organic pigments and can be used straight out of the bottle. 

To burn out the food color start at 300ºC (no pre dry time); 30ºC/Min heat rate; high temp: 450 ºC, hold 10:00 with no vacuum.  

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