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20./21.09.2019 eLAB® hands-on course with Ciprian Panaite (Noritake or Emax)

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Join us in Bucharest, RO on the 20./21.09.2019!!


Introduction and objectives:

The eLab system offers a scientific approach for shade matching single centrals and other challenging anterior restorations. It provides objective shade communication without the use of shade guides and offers a new combination of dental photography with numeric quantification. 

A simulation model consisting of extracted natural teeth serves as our course model. We will learn how to photograph (capture) the target shade using a DSLR camera, measure (calibrate) using the eLab pilot and create a custom dentin mixture for a patient personal shade recipe with eLab_copilot instruments. 


Key Leaning Points:

The objective of this hands-on course is to welcome you to the eLab world, by:

- Introduction to the CIELAB colour description system

- Communicating tooth shades between clinicians and technicians objectively

- Introduction to the needed equipment and eLAB® settings

- Hands-on experience with the eLAB_pilot® app and copilot instruments

Introduction to the eLAB® System together with Adobe® Lightroom Classic CC

- Digital try-in with Keynote and Photoshop



Noritake CZR and Katana Zirconia

Emax ceramic and Emax press


What you need to bring:

A DSLR camera, suitable for dental photography, including macro lens and either a ring or a lateral flash with matching polar-eyes filter (www.emulation.me) 

Laptop (preferably Macbook) with the latest version of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (not Lightroom CC!). Please consult www.adobe.com to download a free seven-day trial version.

A formatted blank memory card for the camera

Your own ceramics instruments (brushes, diamonds burs etc.)

A ceramic mixing table


* this price includes coffee breaks, lunch, first night dinner

* Please provide special dietary requirements if the case if needed

* Please send us your preferences of ceramic system (Noritake or Emax).

For support and more information Cristina Preda: cristina.preda29@gmail.com

+4 0721 859 058


Curriculum Vitae:

Ciprian Panaite began his career at the age of 18, in the dental laboratory of his older brother. In 2009 he graduated from the University of Medicine and Farmacy „Carol Davila „ in Bucharest, Romania. Over a period of seven years, he constantly worked on improving his skills as a ceramist, gradually working his way up from apprentice to highly experimented dental technician with a keen eye for details. Looking for a new challenge, he decided to go to Barcelona, Spain, to work for August Bruguera in his laboratory. Through this mentorship Ciprian was able to acquire new skills and to extend his knowledge further. In 2013 he returned to Romania where he opened his own dental laboratory. He is the co-founder of Dental Initiative Romania, a Non-Profit Organisation for fostering dental education and he also became a speaker for TEAM congress in Romania. In 2018 Ciprian was hand picked by Sascha Hein to become an eLAB_instructor.


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