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10./11.05.2019 eLAB® hands-on course with Tomas Forejtek

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Join me in Brno, CZ on the 10./11.05.2019!!


Course participants will learn how to use their DSLR camera equipment together with the polar_eyes filter to accurately capture the tooth shade for the eLAB® system. The digital work flow to calibrate eLAB®_images in Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Bridge will be discussed in detail in order to analyze the tooth and its intrinsic characteristics. Learn how to do the digital try_in to get more predictability in your daily routine. Learn tips and tricks to improve your work flow and to address complications if needed. Learn the various possibilities and benefits of the eLAB® protocol so you will be ready to capture, calibrate and create!


1) Gaining an understanding of why it is necessary to abandon the old model of subjective evaluation of the optical properties of natural teeth.

2) Familiarization with the eLAB® protocol.

3) Understanding metamerism, tips and tricks on how to create natural-looking dental restorations.

4) Learning how to capture and measure the tooth shade using a DLSR camera, polar_eyes, and Adobe Lightroom Classic.

5) Practical realization of a single central restorations and subsequent visual check using the Digital_Try_In.


Tomas Forejtek graduated in Brno, Czech Republic, in 2001. He completed his studies as top student, which earned him a position at a prestigious private dental clinic. Early on in his career as a dental technician, Tomas began to take up a specialist focus on working with ceramic materials. After three years of gaining valuable experience at the clinic, he was certified in fixed restorations and became head of the dental lab at said institution. Eager to perfect his skills further, Tomas completed a number of both domestic and international training courses. Tomas opened his own dental laboratory in Brno in 2010, where he and his team aim to create above-standard dental restorations. In 2016 he began to specialise in single central cases, using the eLAB protocol. 


The course will be conducted in Czech using a MAC computer (not a windows PC)

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