NEW white_balance grey reference card

NEW white_balance grey reference card

Emulation S.Hein
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Introducing the all-new white_balance grey reference card

With thousands of units sold worldwide, the white_balance grey reference card has become the de facto standard for objective shade quantification in dentistry. Over the years, it has served as a token for an entire community of enthusiasts, who demand little less than to change shade matching in dentistry forever.

Inspired by this remarkable success story, the all-new white_balance grey reference card is based on the classic design of its predecessor but in combination with new and technology driven innovations:

  • Perfects cross camera synchronization between different DSLR and mirrorless cameras in eLAB_prime
  • Facilitates the use of smartphone photography together with the upcoming eLAB_mobile app and dedicated illumination device
  • D50 Lighting Indicator to check for ideal light conditions during clinical try-in’s
  • Crop marks to serve as distance guides
  • Automatic monitoring of aging
  • UV resistant laminate to improve endurance and protect against aggressive cleaning agents
  • B/W contrast field suitable for the quantification of optical properties like opacity/translucency or opalescence
  • High precision millimeter scale for checking proportions

Each set contains two white_balance cards