The All New Ultimate Combo Pack

The All New Ultimate Combo Pack

Emulation S.Hein
599,00 € plus VAT and Shipping

The All New Ultimate Combo Pack for Nikon and Canon DSLR’s

Want to finally get started with eLAB in the simplest and most reliable way possible?

Most cameras and flash systems come with plenty of buttons and adjustment options. The struggle to get a picture perfect shot for your next eLAB case is real! The all new Ultimate Combo Pack makes all of this super easy and reliable. It consists of a matching polar_eyes, a set of the new white balance grey reference cards and the well tried and tested Meike Ringflash - one of the most powerful and easiest to use ring flashes in the market.

Get your Ultimate Combo Pack today and be ready to join the revolution!

What is included:

- Meike MK-14EXT Ringflash (please choose between Nikon of Canon)

- New white_balance grey reference card (contains two cards) 

- polar_eyes