UK & Ireland ITI Annual Section Meeting


UK & Ireland ITI Annual Section Meeting

United Kingdom, London
free to ITI members

The ITI UK and Ireland Lead Team, warmly invite you to our "Annual Section Educational Event" 


Daniel Thoma:

  1. To understand the importance of soft tissue augmentation procedures on esthetics and peri-implant health
  2. To understand indications for autogenous soft tissue grafts and soft tissue substitutes
  3. To differentiate between OROMs and PROMs
  4. To know the clinical decision tree related to soft tissue augmentation at implant sites

 Erdem Guelnergiz:

  1.  Review the role that peri-implant mucosa plays in preventing peri-implant disease
  2. Consider the management of the peri-implant mucosa and this affects the wound healing dynamics following surgery
  3. Discuss the characteristics of the ideal peri-implant mucosa and the surgical realisation using clinical case presentations

 Sascha Hein:

  1. The pros and cons of visual shade assessment?
  2.  Understanding light propagation through dental hard tissues
  3. Replacing shade guides with one color appearance model
  4. Acquiring target shades with a DSLR/MILC camera 
  5. The eLAB digital workflow
  6. Various clinical examples

 Rishi Patel:

  1. To understand the factors that govern the restorability of teeth, when to restore and when to extract
  2. To understand the staging of dental implant surgery
  3. To understand the clinical stages of provisional and definitive restoration placement

 Chong Lim:

  1. To demonstrate how a typical dental surgeon in practice can achieve predictable regeneration around implants
  2. To outline the key principles in regenerative surgeries
  3. To highlight established surgical techniques with case examples