eLAB® The system that perfected shade matching


eLAB® The system that perfected shade matching

New Jersey, USA
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eLAB - The system that perfected shade matching in dentistry even if you take shades every day

We all have experienced those embarrassing moments in our when our shade matching skills fall well short of expectations. Re-do’s are time consuming, expensive and they are a frequent source of conflict between the dental lab and the dental office. Since its introduction in 2016 the eLAB system is enjoying growing popularity among all members of the restorative team. But eLAB has also grown to become a community project, connecting likeminded enthusiasts from around the world, changing lives, improving skills and boosting confidence. Do you have the courage to master the single central shade match?

Key Learning Goals:

• Traditionalshadecommunicationwhataretheprosandcons?
• Understandingmetamerismanditsorigins
• Lightpropagationthroughdentalhardtissues
• Objectiveshadequantificationandcommunicationwithouttheuseofshadeguides. • UnderstandingtheeLABdigitalwork_flow.

• Variousclinicalexamples.
• Outlookonfuturedevelopments

What to bring:

  • The usual armamentarium suitable for ceramic work (personal instruments, diamond burs ect.)

  • A DSLR camera system suitable for dental photography including body, macro lens and ring or

    lateral flash. A matching polar_eyes® filter is needed and can be provided during the course

  • Mac or PC notebook

  • A formated, empty memory card for your camera

    This mind boggling course is packed with deep background knowledge, classic and new techniques as well as lots of fun and excitement!

    I’m looking forward to meeting you soon!