AACD Annual Scientific Session


AACD Annual Scientific Session

Orlando, USA
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L302 eLAB - A New Dawn in Shade Matching!

Presentation Level: Advanced

Course Synopsis:

We all have experienced those embarrassing moments when our shade matching skills fall well short of expectations. Re-dos are time consuming, expensive and they are a frequent source of conflict. Meet the system that perfected shade matching in dentistry even if you take shades every day. 

Objective 1: Traditional shade communication using visual assessment, what are the pros and cons 
Objective 2: Principles of optical physics and light propagation through dental hard tissues 
Objective 3: Understanding metamerism and its origins 
Objective 4: Using a digital single lens camera (DSLR) for objective shade quantification and communication without the use of shade guides 
Objective 5: Understanding the eLAB digital workflow